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Dual Beauty Expedition: 6 Nights in the Heart of Istanbul and the Charm of Antalya

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind experience where the charm of a historical city meets the captivating beauty of nature. The "6 Nights in Istanbul and Antalya" program promises a journey like no other, blending Istanbul's rich heritage with the seaside allure of Antalya.

Explore the Historical Treasures of Istanbul

Our journey begins in the heart of Istanbul, where authenticity meets modernity. A visit to the Grand Bazaar and a stroll through Sultan Ahmed Square mark the beginning of a unique adventure. The program takes you on a historical tour, including iconic sites like Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern.

Enjoy the Enchanting Beaches of Antalya

As we head to Antalya, nature transforms into a masterpiece. Golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the imposing Castle of Kaleiçi await. Nights in Antalya offer moments of relaxation in charming hotels with a backdrop of nature's wonders.

Savor Delectable Turkish Cuisine

No journey is complete without tasting the exquisite Turkish cuisine. Each day provides an opportunity to explore traditional restaurants in Istanbul and indulge in delightful dishes in Antalya.

Vibrant Nightlife

Experience the lively nights of Istanbul and Antalya, as the program offers opportunities to explore the nightlife and participate in entertaining activities.

A Unique Experience Every Day

"6 Nights in Istanbul and Antalya" is more than a journey; it's a life experience. Each day unfolds new horizons of exploration and excitement.

Join us on this enchanting trip and get ready for 6 nights filled with memories in the heart of Istanbul and the charm of Antalya.


Arrival and welcome at Antalya Airport, then departure to the hotel

Morning pirate ship tour and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

Morning rafting tour and enjoy the waterfalls

Preparation for return to Istanbul, arrival at Istanbul Airport and departure to hotel

Morning Sapanca tour

Evening boat trip on the Bosphorus and dinner

Preparation and departure for the airport


A: The activities will include visiting historical landmarks such as Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar, as well as cultural experiences and tasting local cuisine.

A: Yes, you will have opportunities for relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Antalya and enjoy quiet moments for leisure.

A: Yes, there will be free time during the program to allow participants for personal exploration and shopping according to their preferences.

A: Yes, there will be opportunities to taste delicious Turkish cuisine at local restaurants.


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